Why We Need Domains

We need a domain name as this is your unique identity on the internet. Organizations need to do a Domain Search as per their business identity. In order to have a domain identity you need to Check Domain Availability and buy the one which suits your business needs the best. With a domain name you can also have your personalized email account, which can give you a more professional outlook.

MX Records

Some DNS records are also used to route email around the internet. These particular DNS records are known as MX (Mail eXchange) records and usually point to a group of computers that are responsible for receiving mail for the organization.

NS Records

So what are DNS servers called in DNS records? NS, or Name Servers, are the servers that are responsible (have authority for) the domain zones they host. This also helps with replicating the changes in the DNS zone between servers that are responsible for each DNS zone.

Pointer (PTR) Records

PTR records are reverse records and help with security on the internet. When your system receives an email, it will do a reverse DNS (rDNS) lookup to see what domain name it came from. Then it compares this with the MX records to see if this server is registered as an email server.

Canonical Name (CNAME) Records

Another popular record type is a CNAME record. It can be thought of as an alias record and it is used when one IP address is used for multiple services. For example, you might have a website named www.yourwebsite.com that has an IP address of, but you also have other services you wish to publish, such as FTP.

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