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Invest Bhubaneswar, 6th Odisha Symposium

12th and 13th February, 2016 witnessed a never before event in Bhubaneswar. The first day was about the smart horticulture techniques and the second day was all about social entrepreneurship. The experience was exhilarating as there were farmers and horticulture experts from all across the state who graced the occasion.

When the clock struck 9 in the morning, the elegant Swosti Premium was full with people. They were not any ordinary ones who came to have a breakfast, rather they were people who showed a keen interest in improving the horticulture sector in Odisha. There were many eminent personalities like Pradeep Moharathi, Mohanbhai Kundariya, Ashok Dalwai, Nitin Puri and many more. Mr Pradeep Maharathy, the minister of Agriculture, threw some light on the farmer welfare system in Odisha. He iterated the fact that we, Odisha, have been the best state in matters of farmer welfare and have been holding onto this prestige for four long years. Now that’s something for an achievement. Mr Mohanbhai Kundariya, the minister of state for agriculture, threw some light upon the plight of farmers in the nation. He made it clear about the importance of horticulture in our nation and the government aids available for this purpose.  The Ministers had glorious ideas and the pride of having farmers among the investors was clearly visible. Then there were other eminent personalities like Mr Pradip Mohanty, the chairman of Udyan Fresh, who stressed on the requirement of cold storage for better food security. There were other panelists and many other personalities who graced the occasion and threw light on the plight of farmers and how public investors can step in to help them. Overall, a brainstorming session for the destitute farmer situation in our country and the steps required to overcome the crisis were brought in. The session was a day of killjoy for all those who think to pull back the Odisha agriculture scenario. The day ended on a high note and all the ideas were appreciated.

The second day of the event was all about social entrepreneurship. We need to evolve as a society as a whole and we, the privileged ones, can do a lot about it. The day started from where it left yesterday and it went on to tear the roof with ideas. The very concept of ‘Empathy’ was the soul of the entire event on the second day. The day started with the introduction from Mr Avik Roy, Founder and Managing Director of Re-emerging World, who introduced the young crowd to the poverty situation in India and what can social entrepreneurs do about it. Re-emerging world is a strategic advisory firm specializing in emerging markets “base of the pyramid” strategies. The young crowd was exhilarated to know about the opportunities available for all the social entrepreneurs who work along the “base of pyramid”. There were other seasoned social entrepreneurs like Mr Madan Padaki and Dr K.C. Mishra. There were other young social entrepreneurs like Suvankar Mishra, who brought in a young vibe to the scene.The occasion also saw the “beauty with brains” as Bollywood actress Pallavi Sharda, who is also a social entrepreneur and ambassador of E-Kutir, was on the stage and shared her thoughts on the upliftment of the poor and needy. The summary was then iterated by Mr Avik Roy and there was glee among the crowd as the two-day gala came to an end.

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