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Thermal Mass Flow Measurement
cost-effective, repeatable and accurate gas mass flow

Industrial thermal mass flow meters measure of the total mass flow rate of a fluid, primarily gases.Why do we need to measure in mass flow? What are the principles of thermal mass flow measurement? Our new white paper, “Fundamentals of Thermal Mass Flow Measurement” explains this as well as why pressure and temperature correction are not required when measuring with thermal mass flow meters.

Thermal Mass Flow Meter Advantages

  • - Measures mass flownot volumetric flow
  • - Relative low price versus other mass flow meters
  • - No moving parts
  • - Performs when temperatures and pressures fluctuate
  • - Temperature or pressure correction not required
  • - Accurate and repeatable over a wide flow range
  • - Works with low-pressure gases that are not dense enough for Coriolis meters

Common Applications where Thermal Mass Flow Meters Excel

Aeration Air
Biogas Production
Combustion Air
Compressed Air
Flare Gas
Landfill Gas
Natural Gas to Combustion Sources
Natural Gas Submetering
Stack Gas/Flue Gas

More Information

Sage Metering is the innovative manufacturer of an award-winning line of thermal mass flow meters that are used in a wide range of applications. To learn more about our products visitus at www.SageMetering.com.