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Digital is the right path- the road that should be travelled.

“What a website, you have designed! Brilliant, but, Hey! It’s not showing up when I search XYZ that belongs to your niche.” This is something that many exclaim about their friends’ or distant relatives’ website that they opened to be in the new-age internet scenario. Do you want to be that person? Someone who designed a brilliant website, has great products/services and believes in quality is the king, yet no visitors and no business.
This is a very common problem with many business owners. What is important to make a successful business is marketing. Well, if your business is digital, why not go the same route for the marketing strategy. Yes, there is one such strategy. It is called digital marketing. There are many digital marketers who can help you ditch the old school analog and analytics. If the digital road is what you have decided, which you should if you haven’t yet, try out www.deriveseo.com. There is surety, you will not be disappointed.

Digital marketing is the thing you have been waiting for !!!

Have you realized that you are into business to make sales! If it is, you need what everyone does. I mean that is obvious that you want to follow suit of the best business, but what is it that makes them big and you, a tiny prickle in terms of sales. The answer is simple- marketing. Big guns, smart guns and all types of successful guns have used their marketing strategy effectively and have become legen- wait for it dary. You can be too; of course those bucks are going to help.

The smartest way of marketing is here- digital marketing. The amalgamation of an in-trend and always-will-be-in-trend business strategies give rise to the pillar of modern day success. For the best of you and your business- get in touch with the best of us, mere human digital marketers though,- DeriveSEO.

Be sure that the results are going to be legen-wait for it again-dary.

Sustenance of online businesses depends on the acceptance of Change to Digital Marketing

Launching a new product or service or even revamping the old ones, one always needs a proper marketing of the same. But what is marketing? Marketing is a term widely used to describe the means of communication between the company and the consumer audience. The American Marketing Association most recently defined Marketing as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.” Now that we have a brief idea of marketing, we can go to the benefits of marketing. One can also describe Marketing as a science of its own.

Coming to the benefits of marketing, there are many, but we point out a few important ones. It helps you:

  • Establish Brand Recognition
  • Gain and retain customers
  • Identify real customers
  • Provide information
  • Establish trust
  • Encourage referrals.

Yes, these and a lot more. So as of now, any business can’t be done without a rock solid marketing strategy. Since we have already established the fact that the Marketing strategy is quintessential for any business, we would move on to the next big thing- Digital. The world is moving fast and the digital medium is the vehicle of the transport. The data from all over the world is at our fingertips and how easily is that. How about coupling them both for a better, smarter and easier way of propagating business agendas? Yes, it is possible and the answer is exceedingly simple- digital marketing.

What is digital marketing? According to Wikipedia, “Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach and convert leads into customers and retain them. The key objective is to promote brands, build preference, engage with customers and increase sales through various digital marketing techniques. It is embodied by an extensive selection of service, product, and brand marketing tactics, which mainly use the Internet as a core promotional medium, in addition to mobile and traditional TV and radio.” Covering all the strings of the larger umbrella sounds like one tough task, but surely it is not. You might want to know more about digital marketing and the elaborate process behind it. C’mon, every one of us has the thirst of curiosity. To address this, it would take a rather longer time and the intricacies can’t be covered properly. Giving in a brief idea, there are various ways of marketing your products/services digitally such as going in for Social Media Websites like the blue and white Facebook, the blue bird Twitter and lots more like Flipboard and Pinterest. Today’s man is way too much into Social Networking and SMO is just vitalizing on the points of socialization. SMO and lots more innovative steps are those strings, which when pulled correctly might take your business to unimaginable heights. Digital Marketing is the NEXT big thing and pulling off a successful Digital Marketing campaign would ensure growth in the business. If you want a Midas’ touch, digital marketing is a boon that can’t be ignored.

If digital marketing is all that you want, which is the easiest and the most efficient way to do business, you would better go ahead and talk with us. We, deriveSEO, are experts in digital marketing and our teams of Digital Marketing experts take pleasure in serving any client. Feel free to contact us for your digital marketing campaign. The packages and other questionnaire would be addressed shortly after your reply.


Acceptance of Digital India.

In the rapid growth of technology, India wants to adopt Digital over Analogue. People are now consuming more and more on digital content on daily basis. Why it is so important now a days? It’s not only overcome the stereotype work process but also the  future of Digital Marketing and Digital Media will replace the traditional approach altogether.

The fact that the Digital method of communication and the marketing approach are faster, visible, versatile, Streamlined and much practical. So adaptability of digital India is rapid and vigorous.

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Digital marketing and Social media:

Social Media is the most used and popular forum to be known to everybody throughout the world without any limitations and of course with some privacy. To market and brand our product and services we can use social media as the most popular digital marketing platform. Social media transformed marketing, for the better most would say. Derive SEO can help you  to make the most of the power of social media marketing using a strategic approach sharing approaches from the leading commentators and companies.


Derive SEO and its Research Team:

Innovation=Idea+Leadership+Team+Plan. (Execution of planning through a team, along with leadership quality and idea will give an innovative outcome)

Derive SEO has a team of wonderful innovator who believe in creation of new technology along with adopting it and give a satisfactory result to its client. We never speak for us, our clients do it. They are the marketer for us due to our unbeaten services and support.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing and DeriveSEO:

In today’s world the most used and popular word in the ear of technology among the people is “digital marketing”. Now a day everyone wants digital existence and digital promotion. For this we as DeriveSEO gives you a wonderful solution to establish you in the world of technology through digital support viz. as website development, website design, web hosting, Search engine optimization etc. by using many new and affordable technologies with cost effective price.

Invest BBSR

Invest Bhubaneswar, 6th Odisha Symposium

12th and 13th February, 2016 witnessed a never before event in Bhubaneswar. The first day was about the smart horticulture techniques and the second day was all about social entrepreneurship. The experience was exhilarating as there were farmers and horticulture experts from all across the state who graced the occasion.

When the clock struck 9 in the morning, the elegant Swosti Premium was full with people. They were not any ordinary ones who came to have a breakfast, rather they were people who showed a keen interest in improving the horticulture sector in Odisha. There were many eminent personalities like Pradeep Moharathi, Mohanbhai Kundariya, Ashok Dalwai, Nitin Puri and many more. Mr Pradeep Maharathy, the minister of Agriculture, threw some light on the farmer welfare system in Odisha. He iterated the fact that we, Odisha, have been the best state in matters of farmer welfare and have been holding onto this prestige for four long years. Now that’s something for an achievement. Mr Mohanbhai Kundariya, the minister of state for agriculture, threw some light upon the plight of farmers in the nation. He made it clear about the importance of horticulture in our nation and the government aids available for this purpose.  The Ministers had glorious ideas and the pride of having farmers among the investors was clearly visible. Then there were other eminent personalities like Mr Pradip Mohanty, the chairman of Udyan Fresh, who stressed on the requirement of cold storage for better food security. There were other panelists and many other personalities who graced the occasion and threw light on the plight of farmers and how public investors can step in to help them. Overall, a brainstorming session for the destitute farmer situation in our country and the steps required to overcome the crisis were brought in. The session was a day of killjoy for all those who think to pull back the Odisha agriculture scenario. The day ended on a high note and all the ideas were appreciated.

The second day of the event was all about social entrepreneurship. We need to evolve as a society as a whole and we, the privileged ones, can do a lot about it. The day started from where it left yesterday and it went on to tear the roof with ideas. The very concept of ‘Empathy’ was the soul of the entire event on the second day. The day started with the introduction from Mr Avik Roy, Founder and Managing Director of Re-emerging World, who introduced the young crowd to the poverty situation in India and what can social entrepreneurs do about it. Re-emerging world is a strategic advisory firm specializing in emerging markets “base of the pyramid” strategies. The young crowd was exhilarated to know about the opportunities available for all the social entrepreneurs who work along the “base of pyramid”. There were other seasoned social entrepreneurs like Mr Madan Padaki and Dr K.C. Mishra. There were other young social entrepreneurs like Suvankar Mishra, who brought in a young vibe to the scene.The occasion also saw the “beauty with brains” as Bollywood actress Pallavi Sharda, who is also a social entrepreneur and ambassador of E-Kutir, was on the stage and shared her thoughts on the upliftment of the poor and needy. The summary was then iterated by Mr Avik Roy and there was glee among the crowd as the two-day gala came to an end.

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10th India Digital Summit, #10IDS

#10IDS (1st Day)

Start-up stand-up (There is no fascinating time than now to start-up)

10th India Digital Summit was a greatest platform for the start up organization like Derive E Firm LLP to experience many new creative utterances.

The inaugural session was taken by Kunal Shah, Founder & CEO, FreeCharge & Chairman, IAMAI. In that session he uttered many important aspects to be followed by a start-up company. He mentioned;

1. Value cannot be created if we don’t have creativity in our work. So think different
2. Differentiation in work process will give us success.
3. Create innovation; don’t abandon.
4. Let’s push ourselves to the fullest for the quality assurance.
5. We should prepare a strong and approaching business model
6. For a good business raising money is not the only objective, new innovation should be the priority.
7. Advertisement is the fraud process of selling a product. Your services will generate leads and most importantly your customer will help you to generate leads.

The next session was taken by Umang Bedi, Managing Director, Adobe. He delivered speeches on leadership skill. He focused on experience. He mentioned some important point such as:

1. Experiences are Goosebumps.
2. Adopt new business policy, financial systems and the way of reorganization
3. Experiences lead business
4. Over the period of time the back office and the front office system of an organization has upgraded one more system called as experience sessions.
5. Experience is the new brand; customer journey is the new product.
6. Mobility is the consistent and continuous experience.
7. Let’s not expose our company to the market. We need to know our customers requirement love them and create history altogether.
8. Disrupting Innovation is an important tool for a start-up organization.

Another session has been taken by Mr. Ram Sewak Sharma, chairman, TRAI. In that particular session he has focused on the upcoming e-governance projects and the about DIGITAL INDIA. He stated as,

1. To transform India to be digitally empowered.
2. We need creative program, services and software which will be used by the people as commodities on daily basis.
3. Citizen empowerment through e-governance project.
4. We need to explore more for a greater future to accomplish the mission of Digital India.
5. Connectivity throughout the country is much requiring.

#10IDS (2nd day)

The leadership talk was delivered by Mr. Murugavel Janakiraman, founder & CEO, CONSIM. In his utterance he focused on the following points:
1. Create Time: Better research only possible by working continuously.
2. Getting right people: Identify the best candidate
3. Get closer to operation department. Management should always get closer to operation department to do things differently.
4. Review business rightly
5. Analytics
6. Key priorities: a company should have maximum 3-5 key priorities.
7. Product: Not copying the ideas.
8. Build a brand: proper marketing of the product.
9. What’s next and what’s more (Growth): Adjacent growth is important.
10. Healthy Growth: unnecessary expenses should be cut short. Replacement of the employees should thoroughly cross checked.
11. Continuous learning: Strengthen your strength and weaken your weakness.
12. Form a peer group: Learning from this group will be easy.
13. Strengthen being: let me continuously put my best effort and strengthen each individual of the company.

The MOBILE TOUCH-POINTS ACROSS BRAND MARKETING session was an interactive session and the speaker of this session were Lavin Punjabi, President Affinity, Venkatesh C R, Founder, Adatha, Pravakar Tiwari, CMO, PayU, Sharad Harjai, AVP, Marketing, Grofers, and the moderator was Raj Singh, Managing Director, Tech Mobia. The keynotes from this session were as follows:

Brand Marketing:
1. Understand the client as well as the content well.
2. Uniqueness in the ideas is very much important
3. Brand is not object oriented; it should always objective oriented.
4. Create a touch point of the customer
5. As SEO & SMO is important now a days; ASO (App Store Optimization) techniques is also that much important in this digital world.
6. Micro Moment is the key to work on Social media
7. Content should be the king
Marketing Automation:
1. Scale up depends upon the research.
2. New ideas are more appreciated rather than repeating history.
3. Contact management is the greatest enabler for the success.
4. Magically appear for the client.
5. Our analysis will bind up the customers in one rope
6. We should care about the emotional and functional benefit of the clients.
7. Ability to grow; learn quicker.
8. GAC (Goal, Activities, and Channel) is important.
9. Have a clear vision and work on it.

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