10th India Digital Summit, #10IDS - Digital Marketing


10th India Digital Summit, #10IDS

#10IDS (1st Day)

Start-up stand-up (There is no fascinating time than now to start-up)

10th India Digital Summit was a greatest platform for the start up organization like Derive E Firm LLP to experience many new creative utterances.

The inaugural session was taken by Kunal Shah, Founder & CEO, FreeCharge & Chairman, IAMAI. In that session he uttered many important aspects to be followed by a start-up company. He mentioned;

1. Value cannot be created if we don’t have creativity in our work. So think different
2. Differentiation in work process will give us success.
3. Create innovation; don’t abandon.
4. Let’s push ourselves to the fullest for the quality assurance.
5. We should prepare a strong and approaching business model
6. For a good business raising money is not the only objective, new innovation should be the priority.
7. Advertisement is the fraud process of selling a product. Your services will generate leads and most importantly your customer will help you to generate leads.

The next session was taken by Umang Bedi, Managing Director, Adobe. He delivered speeches on leadership skill. He focused on experience. He mentioned some important point such as:

1. Experiences are Goosebumps.
2. Adopt new business policy, financial systems and the way of reorganization
3. Experiences lead business
4. Over the period of time the back office and the front office system of an organization has upgraded one more system called as experience sessions.
5. Experience is the new brand; customer journey is the new product.
6. Mobility is the consistent and continuous experience.
7. Let’s not expose our company to the market. We need to know our customers requirement love them and create history altogether.
8. Disrupting Innovation is an important tool for a start-up organization.

Another session has been taken by Mr. Ram Sewak Sharma, chairman, TRAI. In that particular session he has focused on the upcoming e-governance projects and the about DIGITAL INDIA. He stated as,

1. To transform India to be digitally empowered.
2. We need creative program, services and software which will be used by the people as commodities on daily basis.
3. Citizen empowerment through e-governance project.
4. We need to explore more for a greater future to accomplish the mission of Digital India.
5. Connectivity throughout the country is much requiring.

#10IDS (2nd day)

The leadership talk was delivered by Mr. Murugavel Janakiraman, founder & CEO, CONSIM. In his utterance he focused on the following points:
1. Create Time: Better research only possible by working continuously.
2. Getting right people: Identify the best candidate
3. Get closer to operation department. Management should always get closer to operation department to do things differently.
4. Review business rightly
5. Analytics
6. Key priorities: a company should have maximum 3-5 key priorities.
7. Product: Not copying the ideas.
8. Build a brand: proper marketing of the product.
9. What’s next and what’s more (Growth): Adjacent growth is important.
10. Healthy Growth: unnecessary expenses should be cut short. Replacement of the employees should thoroughly cross checked.
11. Continuous learning: Strengthen your strength and weaken your weakness.
12. Form a peer group: Learning from this group will be easy.
13. Strengthen being: let me continuously put my best effort and strengthen each individual of the company.

The MOBILE TOUCH-POINTS ACROSS BRAND MARKETING session was an interactive session and the speaker of this session were Lavin Punjabi, President Affinity, Venkatesh C R, Founder, Adatha, Pravakar Tiwari, CMO, PayU, Sharad Harjai, AVP, Marketing, Grofers, and the moderator was Raj Singh, Managing Director, Tech Mobia. The keynotes from this session were as follows:

Brand Marketing:
1. Understand the client as well as the content well.
2. Uniqueness in the ideas is very much important
3. Brand is not object oriented; it should always objective oriented.
4. Create a touch point of the customer
5. As SEO & SMO is important now a days; ASO (App Store Optimization) techniques is also that much important in this digital world.
6. Micro Moment is the key to work on Social media
7. Content should be the king
Marketing Automation:
1. Scale up depends upon the research.
2. New ideas are more appreciated rather than repeating history.
3. Contact management is the greatest enabler for the success.
4. Magically appear for the client.
5. Our analysis will bind up the customers in one rope
6. We should care about the emotional and functional benefit of the clients.
7. Ability to grow; learn quicker.
8. GAC (Goal, Activities, and Channel) is important.
9. Have a clear vision and work on it.

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